The issue regarding the Lost gears and skins in "Injustice 2" is still unresolved. While players have immediately raged on several forums of the game after the discovery, the team at NetherRealm Studios is still finding ways to solve the problem. The gears and skins were lost after the most recent patch was rolled out to the fighting title. Meanwhile, the second character included in the Fighter Pack 2 of the game is finally arriving. The game developer already revealed the release date for the Lightning Go Raiden.

Lost gears and Premiere skins

During "Injustice 2" Watchtower stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed that they are currently exploring several options to recover the lost gears and skins.

The issue pertaining to lost gears has been going on for a couple of days now and some players feel they might not get their gears and Premiere skins back.

The most recent statement from NetherRealm Studios disclosed that the gears or skins affected by the latest update were those unlocked after September 25. However, the developer failed to reveal if the lost gears and skins can be recovered and given back to their respective owners. Fans are hoping that immediate fix would be rolled out soon.

When Update 1.09 was released, Xbox One players were able to download and use Raiden in the game ahead of its official launch. The glitch appears only on the Microsoft console and not on PlayStation 4.

The developer rolled out another patch to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to resolve the issue but players who have updated their games discovered that all of their gears and skins were gone.

Release date

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Lightning God will be released on October 3. When Raiden was first unveiled as part of the Fighter Pack 2, many fans were disappointed and claimed that the developer preferred to include “Mortal Kombat” over DC characters.

However, most of those who complained appear to be singing a different tune now after an awesome trailer for the upcoming character was released.

The trailer showcased the iconic moves of the Lightning God and new move sets that the players found exciting. Moreover, it has a new awesome Ultimate and finisher that was never-before-seen in the history of “Mortal Kombat.” NetherRealm Studios also released the Black Lightning Premiere skin alongside the character.

Injustice 2” players who are Ultimate Edition holders will enjoy Raiden on October 3. The rest can get their hands on the Lightning God starting October 6.