The creators of “Pokemon GO” appear to be continuously rolling out updates containing fixes to improve the game. The developer quietly made a massive fix that resolves an issue in the game’s Raid Battle feature. Several players noticed that there are certain adjustments made on the game’s auto-picking team composition. According to a report from GameRant, the update provides players with a far more optimal lineup in the auto-pick suggestions.

Usual auto-pick suggestions

When Niantic first released the “Pokemon GO” Raid Battle feature, Pokemon with high stamina stats were selected on the auto-pick suggestions.

Even though the creature was not that powerful, it could still survive a few attacks from the Raid Boss. But most of the auto-picked Pokemon were simply taking up space since they are not useful and their attacks were totally ineffective against the Raid Boss.

New auto-pick suggestions can defeat Raid Boss easily

The new and updated selection will display a certain Pokemon that are either super effective against the Boss monster, or have some sort of resistance to the Boss. This means that the use of the Pokemon Chansey or Blissey on Raid Battles will reduce. Players should take note that the new update does not take the creatures actual attacks into account. With the new “Pokemon GO” update, players will have higher chance to win against Boss monsters.

Exclusive Raid Battle updates

On the hand, Niantic recently released Exclusive Raid Battle tests on selected areas worldwide. The developer also increased the volume of on-going EX Raids. Niantic made some changes on the new feature. Usually, players are given a two-hour time window to fight the Boss monster in Exclusive Battle, but Niantic has changed the time limit to one hour.

To participate in Exclusive Raid Battles, players must have Exclusive Raid Passes. According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, and Exclusive Raid Pass is rewarded to a player who participated in recent (ranging from three to seven weeks) raids throughout their local areas. The Raid Pass can be obtained through normal gameplay.

The Raid Pass notification will be shown on the player’s screen 24 hours before the official raid starts.

An Exclusive Raid Pass can also be acquired if a player completed a Raid Battle at the PokeGym where the EX Raid will take place. There is no Gym badge requirement to join EX Raids. As for now, Exclusive Raid tests are currently available in selected areas of United States (San Francisco California, Santa Clara California, and Central Park New York) and Japan (Tokyo, Miyagi Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Aichi-ken, and Osaka prefecture).