The "Warframe" devstream was indeed a treat for the game's player base as it featured how massive the new content ("Plains of Eidolon") is. However, a recent posting over on its website suggests weapons will be getting some kind of a nerf once players have delved into the new map.

Digital Extremes recently announced that they have been looking into "Warframe's" systems and took notice of the roster of weapons and their efficacy. Upon checking, they reached a decision to make some tweaks.

The upcoming nerf will reduce the damage of firearms, along with their effectiveness "at extremely long distances." However, the developer made it clear that this new ruling will only be noticeable if the target is at a distance greater than 300 meters.

Digital Extremes also pointed out that they were not able to locate an unobstructed line of sight within "Warframe's" current parameters.

The newsletter, however, was not able to give details on how this upcoming update would affect projectile weapons in the game. Shotguns, of course, are out of the question.

Dust off those sniper scopes

In line with this, players may want to polish their sniper rifles as they will be a Tenno's companion once "Plains of Eidolon" goes live. The post stated that this type of weapon can fire a distance of 600 meters without getting affected by the weapon falloff. The developer highlighted that they want to give these weapons "more of a purpose" within the upcoming map where long-range firearms "should strive."

Hydroid Prime 21.7.0 is in effect

Meanwhile, an update was recently rolled out for "Warframe's" Hydroid Prime.

Patch 21.7.0 brought in tons of bug fixes and improvements with the new armor set including its weapons.

Per the patch notes, some of the contents that were added include a quick revive option for co-op missions, the inclusion of the Spring Loaded Broadhead to the Conculyst drop table, and a "continued polish" for newbies.

'Warframe' game tweaks

As for the game tweaks, the AI navigation in the Grineer Forest has been improved. The Style Kill challenge is no longer available during Archwing missions including the Captura Arsenal console from Captura levels. Weapon and "Warframe" balances are also included and can be accessed by clicking on the game's website.

"Warframe's" "Plains of Eidolon" will be out later this year. In the meantime, check out a new video about the game below.