If you’re currently on a job hunt, then this news is for you. Apparently, Square Enix is now looking for some extra hands to assist them in an upcoming game. According to the news, the developers of the hit PlayStation game “NieR” are searching for more people for their team. Game producer Yosuke Saito and Director yoko taro added their messages to the recruitment page to give applicants an idea of what they're getting into.

Needless to say, it seems that joining their team is going to be very interesting.

A message from Director Yoko Taro

“NieR” series’ creator Yoko Taro is something of an enigma to his fans.

Although he is very active in promoting his games and communicating to players, nobody really knows much about the director. If hired, applicants will be able to work alongside him and everyday communication will allow the new staff to get to know him as a person. This is a factor that the director pointed out in his message to future team members.

Taro began his message by thanking the fans. According to the director, things are going to be hectic around him as Square Enix is planning to make more games for the “NieR” series. Because he can only do so much at a time, he talked with Producer Saito, saying that he can’t manage everything on his own. So that's why he is now recruiting staff members for his team.

He then pointed out the question of how people perceive him and then shared that he too is quite worried about this. However, he thinks it’s nice to talk this over with his future staff and worry about it together.

Producer Saito is enthusiastic

“NieR” series producer, Yosuke Saito, is enthusiastic about the future. After talking to Director Taro, he has a feeling that the series won’t just be a one-hit game.

In fact, he is certain that many people are waiting for another “NieR” game in the future.

So to make these games a reality, they are now looking for people who can support the director. After all, Taro is human; he can get discouraged and even cry when he’s sad. So to help him out, they are now looking for people who can enrich the world of “NieR” by contributing their talents to the series.

The producer said that although the hiring process might be “narrow,” he encourages people to apply.

Square Enix’s recruitment page has now uploaded the advert. Taro’s team is said to be looking for a scenario writer who will be assigned to work for planning and scenario production for the “NieR” series. The hired staff will also be in charge of writing stories for sub-quests, NPC design, and other game-related design work.