The Legendary Raids launched in “Pokémon GO” have made the game more exciting. The Raid Battles, which feature the Legendaries, were debuted by the mythical birds Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. Following the exit of the birds in the game is the arrival of the Beasts. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei added more fun to the Raid Battles.

While the Legendary Beasts are still in their assigned regions, Niantic Labs is back launching small-scale events held monthly. To celebrate the arrival of the autumn, the game developer will hold the Equinox Event.

In this event, the much-awaited item Super Incubator will be launched.

Super Incubators

In the previous datamining activities in “Pokemon Go,” dataminers uncovered the existence of Super Incubators in the game file. They will be introduced in the Equinox Event. This new item will help trainers hatch their pocket monsters’ eggs 1.5 times faster than the standard incubators. So far, there is no confirmation as to when this new item will be available. Niantic Labs has not released any information about the price, but some fans are claiming that it will be in the in-game shop through paid-for boxes.

Equinox event

Niantic Labs is set to launch another event in the popular augmented reality game called Equinox.

Like the previous events — including Grass, and Fire and Ice — there will be no increase in the number of a particular pocket monster. Instead, there will be unusual species that will hatch during this event. This includes Mareep, Chansey, and Larvitar. These creatures are all found in the 2 km eggs and would be a great help for players who are still looking for Ampharos, Blissey, and Tyranitar.

The Equinox Event will start Friday, September 22. It will run for 10 days and will end October 2, 2017. For US players, the event will end at 1 p.m. PT or 4 p.m. ET. Players in Europe can enjoy the event until 9:59 p.m. Eastern European Time or 9 p.m. British Standard Time.

The Equinox Event will reward players with double Stardust for capturing pocket monsters and hatching eggs.

Players must ensure that they complete their respective bonus streak. Moreover, any new pocket monster registered to the player’s Pokedex during the event will yield triple XP.

Meanwhile, a new update for “Pokemon Go” is now available for Android and iOS devices. The latest update rolls out much-needed features and fixes that change the way the game is played.