Folks over at Digital Extremes rolled out another Devstream as it featured some gameplay from its upcoming "Warframe" content dubbed "Plains of Eidolon." The developer also gave details about the looming Twitch event in which they are one of the attendees.

The 'Plains of Eidolon' hype

Since "Plains of Eidolon" was announced over at TennoCon back in July, the developers revealed that they have been adding more content for the upcoming expansion. This was revealed yesterday during the game maker's Devstream as it showed how massive the new map is.

A portion of the stream featured a 22-minute gameplay within the map as Digital Extremes' Community Producer Rebecca Ford took over the controls.

She battled her way through the map as she scuffled against Grineer encampments. As nightfall struck within the map, Ford tried to inflict some damage towards the massive and feared creature known as the Eidolon. However, the massive Sentient was insanely equipped with so much firepower that she had to retreat.

Twitch team up and 'The Great Eidolon Hunt'

Meanwhile, the game developer also revealed that they will be part of next month's TwitchCon as they will be setting up a booth and panel during the three-day affair. That being said, they also announced that they teamed up with the streaming site as they will be launching "The Great Eidolon Hunt." Per the game's website, the event will kick off by the time the "Plains of Eidolon" has been released.

Twitch Drops will be rewarded to fans provided that they meet the requisites of a corresponding item. Up for grabs are event exclusive items which include game cosmetics, Prime gear, a Prominence Wisp Totem, Broca Prominence Syandana, and a Teralyst Sigil.

Other goodies

Digital Extremes also revealed that the next console build has been submitted for certification.

This means that faithful's can expect new content along the way as another game segment was assured by the developer to be dropped next week. The game maker also mentioned of a 24-hour 'Gift of the Lotus Alert' that will go live on all platforms.

The recent blog post also tackled a Focus rework that the developer has planned for "Warframe." It stated that all Focus points will be refunded when "Plains of Eidolon" goes live. It also pointed out that maneuvering the Archwing will be a bit different as they will be implementing new controls exclusive to the "Eidolon" DLC.

Check out the new "Plains of Eidolon" gameplay here: