Digital Extreme's third person shooter - "Warframe" just got another update as the game maker shelled out update 21.6.0. The new patch also ushered in a new frame that packs up more power and attributes than some of the current frames.

The Hydroid Prime is one badass suit

21.6.0 - also known as the Hydroid Prime update – has just been released by Digital Extremes as they rolled out the new Prime Warframe alongside its equally powerful melee and Ranged Weapons. As a primed render of the Hydroid Warframe, the armor has a more buffed up stat on its shield, armor, and energy ratings.

Per the recent patch, both shield and armor stats were upped by 50 while the player's energy stats will be raised by 25. That being said, the new armor, is just one the few primed sets within the game to have three improved stats over its regular counterpart.

The Hydroid Prime is said to contain this passive ability that when it comes in contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb, the frame releases some sort of an EM pulse that grants 250 energy to nearby teammates. The new frame also has this Slam Attack passive that gives players a chance to summon a tentacle.

Melee weapon's impressive buff

Meanwhile, its melee weapon – the Nami Skyla Prime – boasts impressive stats as compared to its normal iteration.

Its attack speed is at 1.33 where its regular render only has 0.917. The weapon's critical chance is something to look out for as it got a huge jump from the normal Nami Skyla's five percent to a whopping 20 percent. Its other attributes also got a hefty upgrade as its status, puncture and slash were increased to 30 percent, 12, and 42 respectively.

An equally powerful ranged weapon

Hydroid Prime's secondary weapon known as Ballistica Prime is an equally powerful ranged weapon that is comparable to the Rakta Ballistica. This crossbow type weapon inflicts a massive amount of puncture damage (167.2) that works best in piercing through an enemy's armor. Massive improvements can also be noticed with Ballistica Prime's slash stat.

The regular render has a slash of only ten while the primed version has 121.6. Its magazine also got a huge buff as the new weapon has 32 as compared to the regular Ballistica that only has half the capacity.

Patch 21.6.0 also brought in tons of bug fixes, and tweaks. Players looking for the complete lowdown of this new update can check out a video about the recently released Warframe below: