Digital Extremes brings another Update to “Warframe” called the hotfix 21.7.1. The update brings several fixes in the game, as well as some changes in weapons. Gamers love Digital Extremes for their continuous support on “Warframe.” Due to this, players can expect that the company will continue to improve the game and bring tons of new contents in the future. The update 21.7.1 also added some improvements in event missions.

Changes in the 21.7.1 hotfix update

One of the main highlights of the update is the tradable Prisma Angstrum. Players have noticed that the weapon is not tradeable and they have been sending reports to Digital Extremes.

Due to this, the company released the update that will fix it as early as possible. Players will also notice that the Arca Titron’s handle is now longer in the update. Digital Extremes also added some improvements in the sound effects of the Prisma Angstrum. The update also brought changes to Baro, where every operator items that he sells will no longer show for players that haven't finished the Second Dream quest yet. Grineer and Corpus will now gain progress when they are trying to construct projects while invading an opponent's location. This will help reduce the droughts in event missions, such as the Fomorian and Razorback events.

Bug fixes in the 21.7.1 hotfix update

There are tons of bug fixes in the 21.7.1 update.

First is the issue where the Arca Plasmor does not damage enemy weak spots, especially when trying to kill Lephantis and Sargas Ruk. The Arca Scisco's beam FX that is disappearing when the weapon is equipped with a fire rate mod is also fixed. The update also fixed the issue where teammates cannot see the Arca Scisco's beams.

The issue where the Panthera's alternate fire mode hitting large radius when Hydroid cast Undertow is also fixed. The failure of missions when the timer runs out while trying to solve puzzles in the void is also repaired. The bug where players are getting stuck in the main menu when trying to access the market while in Vor's Prize is also fixed.

Enemies that are getting stuck in balconies in every Corpus Gas City tileset is also included in the hotfix. Level holes in every Corpus Ice Planet tileset are also fixed in the update. Frost's Snow Globe that deals double blast damage when being shot by a Lenz is also fixed. It will now deal ice and blast damage instead of the double blast. The white defense bar bug that appears while in a defense sortie mission is also fixed. Some script errors while using a Kuva Siphon is also fixed.