Consumer demand has most likely forced a company to alter production plans for their product. Fans were recently saddened by the news that the Snes Classic Edition would only be available until the end of the year. However, it seems that Nintendo has done their research and agreed to extend production of the retro game console until 2018. Currently, the extended availability appears to be only intended for North America and Europe, but it might be subject to change later on.

Holiday demand for the SNES Classic Edition

Since most of the pre-order slots for the snes classic edition have been long sold out, retailers have struggled to accommodate consumers who want to reserve one for the holidays.

Those who absolutely want to secure the game system in time have already resorted to resellers. Some of these second-hand retailers have reportedly pushed prices up to four times the MSRP of $79.99 USD. In a press release, Nintendo acknowledged that “due to incredible demand” the company has decided to extend the console’s availability until 2018. While this might come off as some good news for holiday shoppers, it could also mean that the company cannot meet production targets on time.

The extension and what it means for buyers

The announcement of the extended availability of the device could indicate that there won’t be enough stock this holiday. Market experts speculate that the Japanese game company’s decision helps manage the demand.

Compared to last year’s retro game system, the company intends to ship more units this time around. Resupplies are also expected to come in weekly for both online and physical retailers. Just recently, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, confirmed that they have “dramatically increased” production of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition.

Until then, Fils-Aime discourages fans to avoid resellers who ask for unreasonable prices for their pre-ordered units.

Retro gaming goodness on the way

Another surprise was recently confirmed by Nintendo as they revealed plans to bring the NES Classic Edition back into circulation. Last year’s offering was considered by most consumers to have been prematurely ended earlier this year.

Restocks of the console never made it in time for the holiday season and demand was still at an all-time high when it was canceled. Consumers will now have the SNES Classic Edition and the formerly-canceled NES Classic Edition available for purchase in 2018.