The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature Luna's older brother, Ravus Nox Fleuret joining the cast of "Episode Ignis" DLC story. Game director Hajime Tabata also announced that he and Square Enix have no plans to port the sequel to the Nintendo Switch.

Ravus and Ignis join forces

Square Enix revealed a small teaser for "Final Fantasy XV's" next DLC story, "Episode Ignis" during the Tokyo Game Show 2017 event as the titular character is seen joining forces with Ravus against Niflheim's army. The previous DLC episodes featured Gladiolus teaming with Cor Leonis and Prompto with Aranea Highwind, so gaming fans are curious to see what kind of dynamic will Ravus have on with Ignis have in the story.

Ravus is Luna's older brother and the former prince of Tenebrae before the Nilfheim Empire took over his country. He became high commander of Nilfheim's army and had been pursuing Noctis and his friends throughout the main story. Ravus cares deeply for his sister despite their conflicting views and has helped Noctis against the sequel's main villain, Ardyn Izunia.

Square Enix stated that "Episode Ignis'" gameplay would be more tactical than the previous DLC stories as players will have to outsmart certain enemy units and solve difficult puzzles. The Japanese publisher will launch the DLC episode on "FFXV" in December.

No plans for Nintendo Switch version

Game director Hajime Tabata confirmed that he and Square Enix have no plans to port "FFXV" on the Nintendo Switch console.

He told Famitsu that the reason for not porting the game to the console is that they are currently doing tests to optimize further the Luminous engine or move over to the Unreal Engine.

"Ahh, yeah, it's gotten very confusing. We shouldn't cause trouble with other companies, but I am going say this bluntly," Tabata said. "We have 'no' plans at this current time to release FFXV on the Switch."

Square Enix had previously tested that Luminous engine on the console and the results were less than pleasing.

Tabata and his team are trying to find more ways to make the game plausible on the Switch, but it seems that Nintendo users will have live with the fact that it will not come to the new console anytime soon.

The game publisher announced that the "Comrades" multiplayer expansion would launch on Oct. 31 as players will have a chance to be part of the Kingsglaive and have access to various weapons, magic, and Royal Arms. They are also working on "Monster of the Deep" VR, "FFXV" pocket edition, and the Windows Edition.