While the biggest games of October are still a few weeks away, that does not mean there is nothing to get excited about for next week. Actually, many great games are coming to the PlayStation 4. While not all are new releases, they are more than a welcome addition to the console's back catalog.

We have listed three games set to drop on October 3 for the Sony's current console.

'Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen'

A game that gets better with age, it seems like every time Capcom re-release of "Dragon's Dogma," they are met with even more excitement than the last.

While the original did not receive the greatest of welcomes, with critics praising the combat while lambasting the empty world and lack of a fast travel system, the updated "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" is rightfully considered a modern classic.

Capcom took a huge gamble with this new IP, and although a sequel is unlikely to happen anytime soon, the action RPG has definitely found itself a fanbase. After being released during the last generation, an improved version landed on PC at the beginning of 2016. Surprisingly, it took the publisher this long to port it over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Still, better late than never.

For those who have never played any of the previous releases, "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" is a hard-hitting RPG with combat somewhat similar to the "Dark Souls" series.

The world is vast and grounded in Medieval aesthetic, and the boss fights tend to be rather epic.

'WRC 7'

Based on the 2017 World Rally Championship, "WRC 7" is set to be available to purchase from next Tuesday. While it is unlikely that non-fans will find a lot to enjoy here, those who love the sport should give this a glance.

Offering varied and detailed locations, it is a loving recreation of the WRC world. While far from the easiest racing game on the market, this challenge furthers helps capture the atmosphere associated with rally racing.

'Batman: The Enemy Within'

The second episode of "Batman: The Enemy Within" drops this week, hopefully offering a solid continuation of the enjoyable season two pilot.

Telltale Games did not quite knock it out of the park the first time around, but "The Enigma" demonstrated a desire to learn from their mistakes and take a genuine step forward.

"The Pact" sees Batman investigating a group of criminals who recently arrived at Gotham city and they happen to be friends with the strange John Doe.