Season 1 of "Batman: The Telltale Series" was met with a generally positive reception, even if the love for it was nowhere near as unconditional as the company take on "The Walking Dead" or "The Wolf Among Us." At its best, "Batman: The Telltale Series" offered a new take on the caped crusader's mythos and offered a few genuinely interesting and unexpected twists.

Three ways that 'Batman: The Telltale Series' needs to improve

In preparation for the start of season 2 of 'Batman: The Telltale Series', it seems like a good a time as any to talk about what Telltale can change from the first run of episodes.

1 Choices and consequences

Although there are a handful of seemingly massive choices spread throughout season 1's five episodes, especially in the 'Guardian of Gotham', the resultant consequences lacked any real punch. Yes, the decisions made by the player do end up changing the way Gotham interacts with Bruce, but the big picture remains largely unaffected. At best, certain events might be postponed to later in the story.

2 Improve the detective missions

One of the worst element of 'Batman: The Telltale Series' were the boring detective missions that offered no challenge and, somehow, even managed to make the caped crusader seem kind of slow. As Telltale designed them as simple connect the dots puzzles, the player spent most of the time waiting for Batman to figure it out.

Either re-vamp the entire game-play mechanic or remove it entirely.

3 Please, optimize it properly

PC gamers just have the worst of luck when it comes to DC's Dark Knight. After the train-wreck that was "Batman: Arkham Knight", many fans hoped that Telltale would show them how it is done. Instead, a massive patch after the entire season of "Batman: The Telltale Series" concluded was needed to make it playable.

At least, they were not alone this time, as console gamers were also plagued with a constant lag and stuttering. Considering some of the impressive titles that have been released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there really is no excuse.

"Batman: The Telltale Series" is the best looking game by the company, as it genuinely captures the appearance of the comics.

Still, this should not have led to such a massive decrease in performance.

"Batman: The Enemy Within" is set to premiere August 8th, with the first episode being entitled 'The Enigma.' Player choices made from the first season can be carried over to the new episodes, and a new multiplayer element has also been added by Telltale Games.