Sony Interactive Entertainment recently revealed that they would be celebrating “The Last of Us: Part IiOutbreak Day event with new items. These items include themes of the popular video game franchise like a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme and more.

Sony President and Global CEO Andrew House also revealed that they are not comfortable with being the leading game company for virtual reality gaming. House believes the VR gaming market needs more competition.

Outbreak Day celebrated with three items

To celebrate the event called Outbreak Day, Sony has revealed three new items to acquire.

This event marks the in-game date that the plant-like virus infected the human population in “The Last of Us” story. This has become their annual celebration of the popular video game franchise.

The game company revealed a new T-shirt as the first item. It features the logo for the upcoming video game, which is currently in development by game developer Naughty Dog studios. The merchandise will be available later at the PlayStation Gear Store with big discounts on other “The Last of Us” items.

The second item revealed was a new poster from Mondo and artist Kevin Tong. Video game fans can purchase this awesome poster until Sept. 29. They advised fans get it now because it will not be available again for purchase.

The final item was a new PS4 dynamic theme with the theme of “The Last of Us: Part II.” It shows different scenes from the first reveal trailer for the video game. The first image shows an overgrown area with old houses, destroyed vehicles, and the Firefly sign.

Sony wants more competition for VR market

In other Sony related news, House revealed that the game company is not comfortable with being the leader in the VR gaming market.

To get more audiences to appreciate their VR accessories, he revealed that they want more competition from other gaming companies. He also said that this is causing discomfort for them.

The game company president revealed that they only sold one million units of PlayStation VR since its launch. While the numbers are far lower than the PS4 units sold, their VR headset is ahead in sales compared to its competitors.

They are alone in the leading position, which worries them.

The IDC revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment had sold over 500,000 units of VR headsets in just three months since June. The researcher explained that they are currently way above the ranks compared to other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

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