It appears that Infinity Ward is not done yet and wants to pour additional support into Call of Duty: infinite warfare.” The game developer has just dropped a new game mode that offers a fresh way to kill enemies in the game.

Called the “Gesture Warfare,” the new mode allows players to kill their opponents with hand gestures. So far, it looks a lot more awesome than anyone thinks, but how does it work? Well, it's quite simple.

New mode explained

The new “Gesture Warfare” in “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” sees players in a free-for-all style deathmatch without using guns.

In lieu of guns, they kill one another using gestures and each has a unique use.

For example, while a fighter jet can simultaneously launch three explosive rounds at the enemies, players can simply blow a kiss to fire a rocket at them and leave a wormhole. The classic finger gunning gesture can shot two bullets while pinching up to three enemies for a quick kill is also possible.

From the looks of it, some of the hand gesture attacks are deadlier, nevertheless, all of the gestures look fun.

Check out the short teaser below.

Mixed reaction from fans

Apparently, the addition of the “Gestures Warfare” has drawn mixed reactions from Fans of the COD series. There are some who commented that it is awesome and looks cool, they can’t wait to try the new mode.

One player said, “Judge me if you want to...But this game mode looks really cool. lol”

Surreal Feeds also commented that as an honest opinion, it may be the best thing to happen out of the game. "It really speaks much about the actual game, though," the gamer added.

On the contrary, some fans still expressed their disappointment over the game and apparently, Infinity Ward has been receiving criticisms until now.

Jupiter Jaheim said the new mode "is not Call of Duty" while another thinks it may be fun but it would only last for five minutes.

What game critics say

It may be true that Infinite Warfare did not fare better than other COD games in the history of the series. It did not have the largest fan base either but according to game analysts, this year's iteration still performed well.

The game showed a lot of improvements with the addition of the DLC Packs along with continued support of impressive updates. In fact, one of most fun additions is the “Gesture Warfare.”

"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" final DLC pack called "Absolution" was released on PS4 early this month. The last map pack is expected to reach Xbox One and PC platforms around the first week of October.