The latest job posting by Naughty Dog appears to be hinting that the upcoming game “The Last Of Us 2” will have multiplayer content. Several speculations have surfaced, including a recent post from the game’s lead designer. The developer has so far revealed very little about the upcoming sequel.This triggered fans to speculate on the actions made by Naughty Dog.

Latest job posting

On its official Twitter account, game’s lead designer Anthony Newman posted a list of job openings. Naughty Dog is right now looking for people to fill in the vacant positions in the company.

This includes designer for multiplayer systems and multiplayer layout. The job description did not mention anything about “The Last of Us 2” or any other game.

Interestingly, while no title was revealed, the statement in the post saying that hired designers will be assigned to the developer’s next multiplayer title sparked speculations among fans. Newman’s background image in his post is the picture of Ellie seen from the game’s announcement trailer. According to speculations, these signs suggest that the upcoming sequel will most likely have an online Multiplayer content.


It is worth noting that the first game installment in the series featured multiplayer. This enabled players to participate in Deathmatch and in Capture modes.

While the biggest selling point of the first game installment is its gripping and emotion-loaded plot, many fans had a great time with the multiplayer. It would be interesting to see the multiplayer being continued or even enhanced in the upcoming sequel.

In addition, Naughty Dog has ample time to develop the title's multiplayer mode.

The developer has not yet given any release window for the game. The only information that officially came from the developer so far is that the title will center on Ellie and will focus more on hate instead of love.


Meanwhile, several fans have been digging more information and details they could gather about the highly anticipated sequel.

A few weeks ago, a fan named Voldsby shared that the game’s parking signs are similar to those seen in Seattle. While the claim is flimsy, the Redditor pointed that it is similar to the sign in the game’s concept art, a burning word—Driftwood. Another real-world location was shared by Redditor RoganJosho. He was able to trace and match another location in the game that is also found in Seattle. This time, the Redditor discovered an underground car park.

The Last of Us 2” is currently in its development stage. The game will be released on PlayStation 4.