Harvest Moon: Light of Hope” is almost here. To keep Natsume's fans updated on the game, Producer Taka Maekawa gave future players a breakdown of their all-new game mechanics.

Farming enhancements

According to the producer, “Harvest Moon: Light of Hope” will finally make farming easier with new enhancements. From the video, viewers can see how the process of tilling, sowing, and watering the crops is much faster than before. This will shorten the time to do all the chores so that the players can have more time to do other things and enjoy other game mechanics.

This will make every day more productive than the other.

Another farming enhancement pointed out by Maekawa for the “Light of Hope” is the players’ Farming Friend. In the all-new “Harvest Moon” game, an icon will now appear after doing farming chores that tells you if you’re raising the crops well. Players can now monitor the health of their plants as they grow so they can give it all the love they need.

Another thing the Farming Friend can do is display the crop you’re planting. This will come in handy when you just planted your seeds and forget which ones are the vegetables of the flowers. The Farming Friend will also show a question mark over some crops. This will help you know which crop you have already harvested.

All in all, the Farming Friend will make it easier for players to enjoy their games by maximizing their time.


One of the key missions in “Harvest Moon: Light of Hope” is rebuilding the island. Shortly after landing, you’ll be tasked by the people to help them build the town. In the game, there are easy ways to accomplish these tasks.

According to the Producer, rebuilding will start with a very easy process. However, once you start to build more and more infrastructures, gathering materials will be a much difficult task.

Other than building houses, players are also tasked to build bridges and other town accessories that will make living easier. This will also allow the player to access more places in the game, making exploring more fun.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope” is an upcoming game under the “Harvest Moon” franchise. The series will follow the protagonist waking up on an island after a stormy night. Here, the players will be tasked to rebuild the town and eventually revive the island’s lighthouse. According to the developers, the game will be reminiscent of the series’ iconic games.

Natsume’s upcoming title is set to come out soon for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.