Tripwire Interactive announced a huge upcoming update in “Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.” The title of the update is Anzac, which adds tons of new contents that players will love, such as weapons, and maps. Players will also receive a new chopper in the ANZAC update, making it one of the most interesting updates of the game so far. There are also two new factions that will join the war. It is the Australia and New Zealand armies.

Players can expect new amazing weapons in the ANZAC update

The first weapon that is included in the upcoming ANZAC update is the L1A1 SLR, which is a semi-automatic rifle with deadly range and devastating power.

The update will also add L2A1 AR, which is the fully automatic version of the L1A1 SLR. It also has a good range and high fire rate, making it very effective in any combat situations. The Owen SMG is also included in the ANZAC update. It is an Australian sub-machine gun, which was used since World War II. It is very powerful and effective, especially in a close-range combat situation.

Players will also receive the F1 SMG, which has the iconic top mounted magazine. The F1 SMG also has a good range, making it very useful in ambushing an enemy. The Browning Hi-Power is also included in the update. It is a semi-automatic pistol, which is very useful while primary weapons are out of ammo. Aside from the weapons, the ANAC update will also add a new chopper.

It is called the Bushranger, which is an Australian Huey Aircraft. The trailer also shows a huge mini-gun on the side of the Bushranger, making it very deadly in mid-air.

The ANZAC update adds three historical maps

Players will be able to play in three historical maps in the upcoming update. First is the Long Tan, which is one of the battlefields during the Vietnam War.

The map is a forest, making it hard for players to see each other quickly. The second map is the Rung Sat, which is known today as the Cần Giờ Mangrove Forest. The place has tons of trees and swamp, making it a stealthy map. The third map is called the ANZAC.

However, the company confirmed that the ANZAC map would get a better name in the future.

The map is also a forest with tons of mountains. Due to this, players can expect that there will be a lot of snipers on the map. Aside from the three historical maps, players will also have the ability to use ANZAC troops. The said troops have their own customization options, as well as a new Commander ability. It is the Canberra bomber strike, which is a devastating aerial strike.