Most of the PC games in today's gaming industry are very expensive. However, gamers can still enjoy a lot of PC games that are actually free. There are free games that offer online features, where players can play together cooperatively or compete with each other. Players can also enjoy free games that offer stunning graphics, which is almost better than some of the paid games today. Here are the top 3 free PC games that players can try this year.

'Dota 2'

“Dota 2” is one of the most played games on PC today. It is known to have a massive player base, where gamers can find a match in just a few seconds.

“Dota 2” is also considered one of the most competitive games ever, as every tournament reaches a prize pool over $20 million. “Dota 2” is also known for its hero skins, where players can customize their favorite heroes. Most of the hero skins in “Dota 2” cost a lot. However, players can still win a pair or a whole set of hero skin after finishing a game.


“Warframe” is another amazing free-to-play PC game. It is a third-person action game, where players must battle through hordes of aliens and different monsters. The game offers an impressive equipment system, where players must grind and find the most powerful weapons in the game. There are different classes that players can choose.

Players can become very powerful without buying any items in “Warframe,” making it one of the best third-person shooting games today. There are different weapons that players will enjoy using throughout the game, such as swords, shotguns, and powerful magical skills.

'Team Fortress 2'

Team Fortress 2” is one of the oldest online shooting games in today's gaming industry.

However, the game is still being played by millions and it keeps on increasing. “Team Fortress 2” is also one of the most highly recommended games on Steam, as it is being consistently updated by its developers. The game also offers weapon skins, which provide different effects. Most of the weapon skins are very powerful, though there are some that can harm players.

Players can also open chests in the game, where they can get a very expensive and powerful weapon skin. However, opening a chest costs a key, which must be bought with real money. Players can also receive weapon skins throughout games. Due to this, buying keys to open weapon chests is not recommended, as players can still receive weapon skins for free without having to pay.