Seven years ago, we had “Heavy Rain,” a cinematic and evolving thriller from Quantic Dream, the developer behind the critically acclaimed “Fahrenheit.” Dealing with a range of adult themes, the game easily pops into mind upon viewing the announcement trailer for “My Eyes On You,” Storymind Entertainment’s neo-noir game that will make its way soon to consoles and PC.

Find the ‘elusive Man in the Red Mask’

My Eyes on You” centers on the life of FBI analyst Jordan Adalien who’s tasked with unmasking the identity of a murderer, dubbed the “elusive Man in the Red Mask,” or the Carnival Man.

It’s a mind-bending adventure where not everything is as it seems, especially for Adalien, as he finds himself charged with cooperating with the Carnival Man in terms of killings and with helping the killer get away from the scene of the crime.

In “My Eyes On You,” players will be able to behave and make decisions in a purely rational way and you may get to something. But if you do not succeed, it is not a problem to start believing occult hints and moving on a substantially different, mysterious path that no longer has much to do with rational analysis.

Here’s the game’s trailer, which frankly gives off some serious “Blade Runner” vibes, Ridley Scott's 1982 fantasy/science fiction film, which stars Harrison Ford.

Truthfully, this appears to be a gritty crime thriller centered around evil humans and their exploits in a city too beautiful to be real, but the soundtrack dredges up the ‘80s in the best possible fashion, making the game all the more interesting.

About Storymind Entertainment

Storymind Entertainment is a game studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The studio, mind you, is made up of developers whose projects include some high-profile titles like “The Witcher 3” and “Metro: Last Night,” so it isn’t really surprising that the game looks awesome from the teaser alone. A quick Google search hardly reveals anything about the indie studio, which makes sense as the upcoming game will be its debut title.

The team has not announced other projects yet as of writing.

According to the studio’s official description for “My Eyes On You,” players are tasked to “Lead the investigation on the Man in the Red Mask. The clues you find and choose to process will impact the events to come.” The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with the developers yet to announce a release date or a release window.

Check out the game’s early demo below: