Today's games are filled with action. Most of them are first-person shooting games, which is one of the most popular genres today. There are different themes in terms of a shooting game, such as war-based and casual shooting games. There are also a lot of story-based shooting games today that fans really love. Some first-person shooting games are popular for their amazing gameplay, while other players believe that the quality of a shooting game's storyline is one of the most important features. Here are the top 3 first-person shooting games to try in 2017.

‘Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3’

“Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3” is one of the most challenging first-person shooting games today. In “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3,” players take the role of a sniper, where they need to assassinate targets. However, it is not that easy to take down an enemy, as bodyguards or allies of the target are scattered throughout the area. The sniper that the player uses also swings around a lot, making it very challenging. However, most gamers accepted this as it makes the game more realistic. There are also gun customizations in the game, where players can improve their favorite weapons. There are two styles for completing a mission. The first is to be very stealthy, where enemies will not notice the player until the mission is complete.

The other goal is to rampage around the target's base and kill everyone in the way.


“LawBreakers” is one of the latest first-person shooting games today. It is similar to “Overwatch,” where players can choose their desired characters, which have their own abilities. The game also offers different game modes, such as Overcharge and Uplink.

There are also Turf War and the Blitzball game mode, which is both fun and most loved by most gamers. “LawBreakers” is an intense five-on-five action game. It is also more enjoyable to play with friends as teamwork is the key to win in any match.

‘Days of war’

“Days of War” is one of the latest WW2-themed first-person shooting games today.

The multiplayer mode of the game can fit 100 players on a single map, which is similar to “Battlefield 1.” Fans also love how realistic “Days of War” is, making it one of the most played WW2-themed games today. There is also a game mode where gamers can play the events of WW2. There are also a lot of maps in the game. Due to this, players do not get bored as mastering a single map is very hard, especially in a massively crowded shooting game. There are also different classes to try in the game, which have their own skills and equipment.