Capcom has released a fresh set of screenshots to tease the fans of the new content coming in “Not a Hero” DLC for Resident Evil 7.” The latest images offer fans an early look at Chris Redfield, his new weapons, and the return of his powerful Melee attacks.

Based on the latest photos for the action-based “Not a Hero” DLC, Chris Redfield will be wielding two new weapons. The NeoGaf post revealed that these weapons as the high-powered Albert-01 pistol and Thor’s Hammer Shotgun.

Return of Chris’ melee attacks

Also, the said images reveal the most exciting piece of information that fans would love to hear.

Chris will again use his powerful melee attacks to pound his enemies in the game. Players will feel the nostalgia of playing the action-filled “Resident Evil 5” and “Resident Evil 6” with the return of this new feature in the current title.

Plot leaked

Capcom initially confirmed that the story in “Not a Hero” DLC will pick up right after the events of the main campaign. Chris and the Umbrella troops will enter the Baker Mansion to hunt down Lucas Baker, the son of the Baker family.

But other than that, the details regarding the plot of the free content remain scarce at the moment. But thanks to a new leak from a Reddit user, fans get to know a bit more of the story.

If this recent leak is anything to go by, players will see civilian Ethan Winters again at the beginning of the expansion’s story.

During the hunt for Lucas, Chris and his team will fight the “White Molded,” a new enemy type that can spurt toxic gas.

Resident Evil 8 news

Interestingly, the leaker also revealed that the “Not a Hero” DLC will be directly linked to the events of “Resident Evil 8.” Capcom revealed earlier that the studio is already looking into making more RE games after RE 7.

Hardcore fans of the series are also excited to hear the news that the original game director might return to direct the eighth main installment. During QuakeCon, Shinji Mikami expressed his interest to direct the next entry in the long-running survival video game franchise.

Free content release date

As Capcom's way to make up for the delay, this DLC will be free to all players when it launches on December 12.

It will arrive alongside the new paid content pack titled “End of Zoe” and the game’s Gold Edition, which contains the base game and all the previously released DLC packs.

“Resident Evil 7” is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and PSVR platforms. The game was released on January 24 this year, with more than three million copies sold worldwide as of July 2017.