The Resident Evil series is among the well-received and popular original franchises from Game Developer Capcom. With the satisfying success of “Resident Evil 7,” the next entry currently dubbed as “Resident Evil 8” could already be on the cards.

Fans saw how Capcom brought the horror franchise back to its roots with the release of “Resident Evil 7.” The game developer's decision surely pleased the hardcore players of the popular survival horror video game series.

First details are in

Now, it looks like the first exciting Details about “Resident Evil 8” are in, teasing some good news that will also make a lot of players happy if ever it happens.

At this year’s QuakeCon, director of the first RE title Shinji Mikami was asked whether there is a possibility that he will return to helm the eighth game. He then responded that he might direct the next title.

He did not add further details after that very short statement in response to the question. While this doesn’t confirm anything at the moment, his answer could hint that it’s plausible for Capcom to get him back on board for the next project.

Currently, Mikami is the producer of “Evil Within 2,” developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, and slated for an October 13 release. He also helmed the original title of the third-person survival horror game franchise.

From the looks of it, the godfather of horror video games is tied up with his recent project at the moment.

But fans can hope that as soon as he is done with it, he will find his way back to Capcom and direct RE 8.

Resident Evil 7 sales look pale

Although the current title still fares well in sales within the first six months after its initial release, it did fall short compared to the performance of the last two games – selling five million copies each in the same time frame.

As of July, the seventh title sold a total of 3.7 million copies, which rather looks pale and less than half the 10 million copies that were projected to be sold throughout its lifetime. Perhaps it's plausible that the sales will still get a boost once Capcom launches the No Hero DLC that was delayed from its original spring 2017 release window.

The developer is still optimistic, no less, and this optimism might be channeled toward a new RE game on the horizon. The long overdue involvement of the series' first director might actually work like magic in getting close to the 10 million sales that Capcom aims to reach in “Resident Evil 8.”