New changes on the update of “Overwatch” Public Test Realm were recently discovered. One of them is the latest rework rolled out to the support hero Mercy. A few days ago, Blizzard designated a new Ultimate to the heroine that amplifies all of her skills making her ultra-powerful. Also, her Resurrect, which used to be her Ultimate is now only her second Ability. Apparently, the rework changed her rez, and she can only bring back one fallen teammate on a cooldown basis. It seems that the game developer has also realized this, and recently a new change in the hero’s achievement has been noticed.

Latest change

The recent rework made by Blizzard to the support character Mercy of “Overwatch” has affected her Rez. Recently, a player saw that the update, which is currently on the game’s PTR had made several changes on the hero, particularly on her achievement. The previous change in her Rez has become one of the issues that bothered players, especially those that are Achievement hunters. In order to get the Mercy spray, players using the heroine must revive at least four characters all at once.

On Reddit, a user named LookAtAllThisDirt has noticed that Blizzard has updated Mercy's Huge Rez Achievement. Now, instead of resurrecting four characters, players using the heroine must bring back six teammates without dying.

This applies in Quickplay and Competitive.

For players aiming to get Huge Rez spray, all they have to do is hide behind the cover and wait for the team to die. However, waiting for four players to die in the field is risky.

Using Mercy’s latest change in achievement on the game’s PTR will require the player to dart to and fro while resurrecting dead teammates. If the new change is paired with her new Ultimate ability, the heroine should be able to resurrect a maximum of four players.

Mercy reworked

A few days ago, Blizard assigned a new Ultimate for Mercy dubbed as Valkyrie.

Her new Ultimate amplifies all her functions. She can now heal or damage boost a group of players that are clunked. Interestingly, the heroine can now fly and flies faster during Guardian Angel. Also, Mercy’s cooldown is now reduced to 10 seconds from its previous 30 seconds. The support hero is now a powerful healer with more functions at her disposal.

These latest changes to Mercy are still in the Public Test Realm of “Overwatch.” This will be released soon along with changes recently made to D.Va.