Blizzard will release a new Comic for “Overwatch” on September 6, 2017. It is named "Wasted Land" and stars the fan-favorite character in the game, Roadhog. The upcoming comic is set after the Omnic Crisis in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback Junkertown. This is another interesting addition to the colorful world filled with lore and characters that Blizzard has introduced to the community. Since the game’s launch, the developer introduced a variety of characters and featured their sometimes intertwined backstory through comics or animated shorts.

However, there are other characters in the game that still lack their own backstory. It is interesting to see that this time the game developer is giving Roadhog the spotlight he deserves.

'Wasted Land'

The new “Overwatch” Comic called "Wasted Land" will center on the characters of the game from the Land Down Under. The new Comic is written by Robert Brooks with Miki Montllo in charge of the art and color. As said in the official synopsis, the next comic issue will center on the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis in the Australian Outback.

As the star of the new comic, Roadhog saw the crises that came about in the wasteland. According to the synopsis, everything that the hero once knew has been scrapped or is broken down.

As survivors strive to live, they coexist with scavengers, hermits, brutes, and killers and live in Junkertown. "Wasted Land" is set to arrive on September 6. Most likely it will be available around 10 AM Pacific Time or 1: PM Eastern Time, based on its past releases. You can check out the cover page and the first page of the upcoming Comic below.


The Escort map was launched in the game on August 21 and is currently in the game’s Public Test Realm. It was introduced by Roadhog and Junkrat with an hilarious and fun approach. Junkertown is defined as a setting where Junkers or lawless scavengers thrive.

These scavengers are led by their cutthroat Queen. The place features a Scrapyard, which is popular among the locals as the massive gladiatorial arena. In this place, combatants struggle to survive and battle to achieve glory and wealth. Recently, several fans in the community became so excited about the Queen in the new “Overwatch” Escort Map that they have conceptualized her appearance. Blizzard has not yet revealed the face of the Queen, which added more mystery to the persona among fans.