It has been more than a year since the augmented reality game “Pokemon GO” took the world by storm. It is quite obvious that a lot of players have left the game. Former “Pokemon GO” players claim that there’s nothing much in the game to keep them hooked. According to a report from Bloomberg, the president and CEO of The Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishiharais, is planning to add the most requested features soon, such as Player-Versus-Player battle and Trading System. The new features are expected to lure back players that have stopped playing the game.

Developers implementing the PVP step-by-step

Tsunekazu Ishiharais also said that The Pokemon Company and Niantic only accomplished 10 percent of what they envisioned to do on “Pokemon GO.” Niantic’s CEO John Hanke said that their team is constantly thinking of ways on how to implement the Player-Versus-Player battle and Trading System. The developer is slowly implementing those features with the introduction of Raid Battles, which resembles a multiplayer mode.

Most speculated features to arrive soon

This is not the first time that Player-Versus-Player battle and Trading System feature has been promised for “Pokemon GO.” The developer also promised the features on the game’s first anniversary in July where it still had five million daily users.

But Niantic has remained mum since then. The developer is now focusing on improving the Raid Battle system instead of the PVP and Trading. However, fans are still hoping that the two massive updates will arrive before this year ends.

What are Exclusive Raid Battles?

Niantic recently rolled out the first Exclusive Raid Battles in “Pokemon GO.” Players will be battling the most powerful creature in the game, Mewtwo.

Defeating Mewtwo would not be really hard because players have ample time to prepare for the Exclusive Raid. Exclusive Raids will last for two hours, and it will have the same reward as Tier 1-4 Raid Battles.

In order to get involved in Exclusive Raid Battles, players must acquire a Raid Pass. Raid Passes can be bought from the in-game shop for 100 PokeCoins, or players can complete a current Raid Battle at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid will take place.

Most of the Raid Bosses in the Exclusive Raid Battles are Legendary Pokemon. Players will be given the chance to receive rewards after defeating the Raid Boss, and players can also catch it. The rewards that can be acquired from Exclusive Raids are - 50 Premier Balls, Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candies, Charged TMs, and Fast TMs. The developer also announced that more powerful species will be able to hatch from eggs soon.