Pokemon fans rejoice! The Official Pokemon Youtube account just dropped a new trailer for “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, ” and it’s packed with tons of new features. From the begging to the end of the video, GameFreak showed a lot of improvements from the previous game.

Here are the highlights of the latest “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” trailer.

New Island challenge and Friends

The video started by introducing the island challenge. According to the trailer, the island challenges will be back for the upcoming game with new upgrades. As fans could see from the video, a lot of new features are added to previous challenges.

We could see familiar Trial captains and Pokémon like Acerola and Totem Pokemon Lurantis. By the end of the island trial showcase, the video officially introduces Mina as a captain. The video did not specify where her new trial will be but based on the pictures; it’s most likely to happen on the Seafolk village on Poni Island.

The next part of the video introduces the viewers to Hau and Lillie. Again, Lilie is showed with her version two outfit and Hau with his usual black shirt and orange pants. We see a sequence of videos with them on the screen with Lillie on the Aether Paradise and Hau on the graveyard on Melel-mele Island. Not much is said about them, but seeing the two officially introduced means that they will once again play a crucial role in the upcoming game.

New Pokémon, Photo Club, and Surfing

After introducing Hau and Lillie, the video shifts to show the new features of the game. Once again, “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will get more monsters. The trailer revealed that the upcoming 7th generation game will now have 400 Pokémon on its list.

Another cool feature on the trailer is the Alola Photo Club.

The new feature allows the players to take pictures of them and their Pokemon with more customization. The Photo club enables players to edit and add stickers to the images and even show it to other people. This will be another great feature to share with fellow fans.

However, what got a lot of people excited is the new Surf feature in the upcoming game.

The Mantine Surf will be the new addition to the Ride Pokemon option that will allow players to surf on the oceans of Alola. Surfing will be a new sport added to the game, and the protagonist can even compete for a high score with fellow surfers.

According to the Pokemon website, this feature is not only for fun but it’s also a way to travel between Alola’s islands. This will make traveling more fun as we can enjoy ourselves while cruising through waters.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is set to be released on November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.