Avid gamers of Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be able to get the Mega Mewtwonite X and Y stones through the currently available and simple Mega Mewtwo download code. Meanwhile, The Pokemon Company has released a brand new trailer for "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon" that potentially hinted the return of players to Kanto region.

Typically, it is not possible for players to catch Mewtwo in the wild in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” So, this is a rare chance to get Mewtwo and its mega evolution into the game.

How to download the Mega Mewtwo Mega Stones

To get the two Mega Mewtwos, players must follow the full instructions provided by the official Pokemon site.

Notably, gamers can use a more simple Mega Mewtwo download code to get the elusive Pokemon contrary to using a QR code in getting free Pokemon like Magearna and others.

  • First, go to Mystery on the main menu, then choose receive gift. Next, select get with code or password. After which, click “yes,” and “yes” again to connect to the internet.
  • Key in the code. The Mega Mewtwo Mega Stones code is M2DESCENT.
  • Wait until the Mega Stones are received.
  • Talk to the deliveryman in a Pokemon center to claim the Mega Stones and don’t forget to save the game.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer hints return to Kanto Region

In related news, The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” that features new characters and settings.

Interestingly, eagle-eyed fans spotted an exciting clue hinting the possible return of players to the Kanto Region from the classic “Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow” games.

It appears that at around 14 sec. mark in the sneak peek, a flamboyant character known as Ryuki is meeting with a trainer. Notably, the room he is in, the player and other things like the trash cans inside it in yellow colors resemble Lt.

Surge’s gym.

It is noted that this is speculation at the moment and there is no word yet from The Pokemon Company regarding the possible inclusion of the Kanto Region as a new location in the next 3DS Pokemon game.

It is also plausible that it is simply to pay homage to the first Pokemon region that has also been referenced a number of times in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will officially hit Nintendo 3DS this November 17. The game will take the Pokemon fans to a different side of the Alola region and bring a fresh addition to the features and story of the first game, "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Check out the official trailer shown below.