One of the many reasons why players are engrossed in “Pokemon Go” is because of the events and activities that it offers. After the anniversary event, Niantic introduced the Legendary Birds. Players buried themselves playing against the mythical birds Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. When the birds are about to exit the popular augmented reality title, the developer released the Legendary Beasts. Currently, the Beasts are in their assigned regions and will rotate to the next region starting October 1.

In addition, EX Raid Passes are being sent to numerous players to field-test the new type of Raid that will feature Mewtwo.

While patiently waiting for the launch of the EX Raid and the release of Mewtwo in the game, a new exclusive event has been announced to take place in Japan.

New event

Since “Pokemon Go” has its roots in Japan, most activities and events are usually launched first in the country. Other parts of the world like the US and the UK also get the same activities or events several days after. With the latest announcement, Japanese players have something to look forward to in November 2017; a new and exclusive event is scheduled to take place in their country.

For three days in November, Japanese players will see Unown and Mr. Mime at the Tottori Sand Dunes. These pocket monsters are region-exclusives and are only available in other regions.

While the game has previously used Mr.Mime as part of the perks for players to visit several live events this summer, the creature normally spawns in Europe. Unown, on the other hand, is a rare type of pocket monster and have countless variant forms. It is highly likely that there will be a massive number of Unown in the upcoming event.


There are many instances when several agencies or institutions collaborated with Niantic Labs to use the popular game in promoting tourism. The upcoming event in Japan is definitely another one of these. The event will now feature Raid Battles and encourage people to visit the sand dunes, a unique and natural attraction in Japan.

In the past events, mass spawns of Lapras and Snorlax were launched to encourage players to visit areas that were previously devastated by natural calamities.

Other details

The Tottori Sand Dune event is scheduled to take place in Japan. It will start on November 23 and will run until November 25, 2017. Meanwhile, “Pokemon Go” players are currently field-testing EX Raids. Mewtwo’s highly anticipated launch might be delayed given that Niantic Labs has recently expanded and extended the field-testing.