The EX Raid Pass is given to select “Pokemon Go” players to give them the chance to test the EX Raid Battle. This new type of raid will be launched in the popular augmented reality game and will be intended for exclusive Mewtwo raids.

Recently, however, several players in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin were awarded these exclusive passes a few days ago. The next day, they discovered that the passes have been recalled and the Gyms were removed from the game.

EX Raid Pass

On Reddit, a user named MisterHelmke shared his latest experience with the EX Raid Pass in “Pokemon Go.” According to the Redditor, after having completed a battle at the St.

Matthews Lutheran Church he received an invitation for the exclusive raid field test. It appears that next day, they discovered that the gym had been removed and the pass sent to them had been revoked. As disappointing as it sounds, it simply means that there is no Mewtwo for the players in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Niantic’s response

In the same thread, a representative from Niantic Labs explained what happened and clarified the situation. According to the representative, the team has already run a check and performed a second review of the location of the Redditor. The developer confirmed that the location was correctly removed based on the company’s policies. This means that the Gym was not removed by mistake but was deliberately done.

The representative went on and explained that when a particular location is removed from the augmented reality game ahead of the EX Raid Battle, the Pass sent out to testers will be automatically removed from the player’s inventory. Niantic Labs is still in the process of field-testing the latest type of raid and assured fans that they are working hard to address the case with a better approach.

Moreover, the representative said that players can expect more elegant experience in the future when a raid is canceled.

Despite the explanation of the representative from Niantic Labs, it is still unclear as to why the Gym in St. Matthews Lutheran Church was removed. Most likely, officials from the church have filed a complaint to the game developer that made them decide to remove it.

Special type of raid

Niantic Labs is currently testing the new type of raid in “Pokemon Go.” Players can only participate in the field testing through the invitation sent to them. This EX Raid is believed to house battles for a rare type or powerful pocket monsters including Mewtwo. Another way to participate in the field testing is by earning it at the gyms where a specific EX Raid location is selected.