There was much debate regarding the racing game, “Forza Motorsport 7’s” file size. According to a report by Tech Radar, rumors claimed that its size would be as large as 100GB. Now it has been confirmed that the game’s file size will be 95GB. If this wasn’t enough, more trouble awaits those who wish to buy the physical game. The disc will consist of 45GB, while the other 50GB must be manually downloaded.

Size of the game

According to a report by Turn 10, there is a way for users to play the game from the disc alone, without having to install the additional 50GB of the game.

Nonetheless, they will be required to make an abundance of space on their hard drives. They will also have to be okay with missing out on a wealth of content. For example, the special Forza Driver’s Cup along with several other Showcase events won’t be available on the disc. The Game Developer is planning a special surprise for Xbox One X owners. They will be releasing an exclusive 4K patch for Xbox One X platforms. According to the announcement made by the firm, the update will be released on November 7.

The game developers haven’t confirmed the file size of the game as yet. Microsoft made “Forza Motorsport 7” official at E3 2017 that took place in May. The company further stated that the official version of it will be made available on October 3.

The game will be compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows10 platforms. The primary highlight of the game is that it is also compatible with the 4K technology. Thanks to this, gamers can enjoy an amazing experience while racing.

Features of the game

The game is packed with exciting adventures and never-seen-before features.

Its primary highlights will be its dynamic weather and multiple driver avatars one can choose. Gamers can also connect input devices, on the basis of their preference. The weather will keep changing even while the gamer is racing. “Forza Motorsport 7,” also comes with a special HDR support. This ensures that gamers get a realistic experience.

The game developer has also provided gamers the ability to customize racing tracks on the basis of their preference. With the ability to toggle the in-game steering wheel, gamers will feel like they are operating the real-life physical wheel. They will also get access to different kinds of cars. Thes will range from muscle cars to sports cars.

It is not long to go now and fans just have to wait a short time for the game.