The anniversary event of “Pokemon Go” is marked as the start of the Legendary Raids in the popular augmented reality game. Since then, players have been busy fighting in these various battles. Niantic Labs initially released the Legendary Birds in the popular title. This includes Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. With the exit of the mythical birds, the Legendary Beasts were introduced. Sucuine, Entei, and Raiku were assigned to different regions across the globe and will rotate every 30 days. However, it appears that the players are currently experiencing another issue with the raids in the game.

Green Screen bug

On Reddit, several “Pokemon Go” players reported that they have experienced a Green Screen Bug. It appears that the issue is not isolated to a particular region but is now happening to players across the globe. According to players’ reports, the green screen appears after completing a raid battle. The bug is experienced when the player enters the Capture Challenge scenario, while it does not prevent the player from capturing the Raid Boss, it prompts a restart of the app.

After that, players are no longer able to see the real CP of the Raid Boss after restarting the app. After the bug occurs, it appears that all the trainers in the same raid see the same false Raid Boss’ CP on the encounter screen.

While all the participating players see the same CP after joining the raid again, the real Raid Boss CP was already set. If you are able to catch the boss, it will be a different one and not the creature shown on the encounter screen.

Tips on how to avoid Raid Boss loss

While this is another frustrating issue, there is a way to solve this.

Players simply have to pay attention to the CP of the Raid Boss after it was defeated. The real CP of the battle is shown when the CP of the Raid Boss stops dropping. In addition, players should avoid joining the raid with the timer running under five minutes. The limited time will restrict the player to restart and participate in the capture challenge.

Mewtwo launch

Meanwhile, it appears that it will take more time before the highly anticipated launch of the most powerful Legendary creature in the game. Niantic Labs recently expanded the EX Raid testing to Europe and Asia and announced that more testing will be conducted. Initially, Mewtwo is expected to arrive in the latter part of September or early part of October in “Pokemon Go.” However, it appears that this is no longer the case.