Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” was a game-changer. The game for the Nintendo Switch wowed many people upon its release because of its amazing story and gameplay. However, what made the game stand out was is its massive world. “Breath of the Wild” showed players how an open-world environment can be utilized together with a storyline. It gave players a whole new sense of freedom as they could go wherever and do whatever they wanted.

After “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” demand for open-world games has increased. Developers are being asked if they're planning to give their upcoming games the same environment.

One of the developers being asked the question is Square Enix. Will they ever make an open-world “Final Fantasy” game?

Open-world ‘Final Fantasy’

Tabata is notorious in the video game industry as the director of one of the longest-running RPG series; “Final Fantasy.” Tabata’s recent work on the series is “Final Fantasy XV,” which took years to develop. During the interview with Gamespot, the director from Square Enix shared their plans on the possibility of an open-world game.

Right now, he and his team are not sure about an open-world game. The development team behind “Final Fantasy XV” is still thinking about incorporating such an environment to the series. However, although nothing is certain yet; the director understands how players feel about being in a massive game world.

That’s why. even though they aren’t sure about an open-world game, they are taking note of that overall experience for their next project.

What did Tabata think of ‘Breath of the Wild?’

In the interview, Tabata was also asked about the game that sparked the entire open-world question; “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” After all, the game made a big impact on the people who played it.

However, unlike the players who got the game, Director Tabata has not actually experienced it yet.

As it turns out, the director still hasn’t put his hands on a Nintendo Switch. According to the “Final Fantasy XV” director, Nintendo Switch is hard to find in Japan right now. Although he already purchased the game, he still hasn’t played it all.

However, despite this, he has heard a lot of feedback from his teammates who have played it. From what he gathered, he could tell that “Breath of the Wild” is a well-polished game. He even commented that it’s almost perfect.

Although they can’t promise an open-world game yet, their goal is to get that same overall experience in their own way. With their current technology and resources, they could definitely deliver a game with the same feel.