Pokemon Go,” like any other game today has its own set of bugs, glitches, and exploits. In fact, game developer Niantic Labs is continuously rolling out fixes to resolve the issues. One of the most popular issues in the widely played augmented reality game is the Last Ball Glitch during Raid Battles. The issue was resolved several days ago. Recently, a new exploit was discovered, which enable players to change their Raid Boss to another with a much higher power level.

Latest exploit discovered

A “Pokemon Go” player recently discovered the exploit in the game after seeing a visual bug.

On the subreddit The Silph Road, Redditor DH025 explained in detail about this latest bug in the game. According to the trainer, this particular bug is usually seen when the player is about to catch the Raid Boss. The process of acquiring a pocket monster with a higher CP starts with this visual bug. The player must first know the power of the creature at the start of the Raid Battle.

After winning in the raid, the screen will show the CP of the pocket monster that the players can stick to upon catching the Raid Boss. There should be at least a couple of players in the raid and one must choose to close the game out during the catch screen. Doing this will enable the player to see the CP level of the other trainer when they load the app again.

According to the Redditor, the visual bug will not change the CP that the player will receive. However, it will show the various CP levels set for players when the raid begins.

The glitch can change the CP

Upon further testing, it was later proven that the glitch can be used to the player’s advantage. The Redditor shared that they were able to conduct an experiment about re-rolling.

The experiment was performed with a couple of players fighting the same pocket monsters with the visual bug showing two different CP levels. One of the participants should leave the Raid Battle before its completion.

With the other participants already knowledgeable about the various CP levels, the participant who left the battle then had an option.

The player could rejoin the same raid with the knowledge of the CP levels and decide to take on that particular level. There is also another option where the player will have to wait for 15 minutes without interacting in the Gym to re-roll the pocket monster. After 15 minutes, the Raid Boss will have a new predetermined CP level.

The process of re-rolling the Raid Boss in “Pokemon Go” can be performed multiple times according to the Redditor.