Bluehole has tons of ideas lined up for their extremely popular battle royale shooter – "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." The developer has just rolled out the game's September update as it brought in quite a number of tweaks, which include a new weapon and new weather conditions.

Creepy weather

Per "PUBG's" new patch notes, Bluehole has just added Foggy Weather as its new weather condition. The new effect will definitely give the Battleground an eerie feel and it is quite fun when applied to casual play. However, it may not be that appealing during tournament gameplay as it will hinder players' sight.

A new chunk of land has been unlocked within the current map dubbed as the East of Stalber. The town is on the upper right corner of the map, though nothing much is happening there with only few structures, like a hangar.

In line with this, players are still hyped with "PUBG's" upcoming Desert map that is believed to be shelled out at the end of the year. The new map is said to be highly urbanized in some areas as screenshots of the map show numerous buildings. If rumors are anything to go by, it is believed that a location dubbed as Hard Luck will be the largest city in "PUBG's" Desert map.

Versatile hardware

As mentioned, a new weapon was also thrown into the mix.

Known as the Mini-14, it is deemed as a marksman rifle as it can be equipped with sniper rifle attachments on both of its magazine and muzzle slots. It is also lightweight, not to mention that it can be equipped with any optic sight. Despite having toned down damage stats, the new hardware has a lower bullet drop and an impressive bullet velocity.

The Tommy Gun, on the other hand, was already removed from the game's Care Packages and is now a regular spawn in "PUBG." The crossbow also received some tweaks as its reload speed was increased by up to 35 percent. Players can now holster grenades by switching between weapons and while players are still unarmed provided that the grenades are not yet "cooked."

Idles and BPs

The new update also dealt with idle players that are earning battle points (BP) within the game.

The new ruling on this stated that "PUBG" will no longer allow those players to earn BP's adding, that Bluehole will be keeping an eye on this as they further improve the system. Check out a video of DrDisRespect playing "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and at the same time giving his two cents with the recent stream of PewDiePie: