Niantic Labs rolled out a massive fix that resolves the issue in the Raid Battles of “Pokemon Go.” Players recently noticed that certain adjustments were made to the auto-select feature in the raids. The game developer appears to be continuously rolling out updates containing fixes to improve the popular augmented reality game.

With the new fix, the annoying issue of the game automatically picking a team component that is far from ideal has been adjusted. Players participating in Raid Battles will be now a lot more successful.


There are a lot of things that “Pokemon Go” players must know about the game and how it works to totally enjoy it with less stress.

In Raid Battles, it is important to understand how the different types of pocket monsters interact with each other. When raids were first introduced, it appeared that the game put more importance on the pocket monsters with high stamina including those that are not powerful.

While it makes sense that those with higher stamina can last in the Raid Boss Battles, the majority of these pocket monsters are not really useful in raids. In fact, their attacks most of the time are weak and do not affect the raid boss at all.

Improved feature

With the new fix rolled out by the game developer, it appears that the emphasis is now on the pocket monsters that are effective or resistant against the raid boss.

While the new adjustment is helpful in winning the Raid Battles, it fails to include the actual attacks or levels of creatures when choosing the player’s monster.

The most recent adjustment will allow players to rejoin or re-enter a raid more quickly if the first team gets defeated. In addition, it is no longer necessary to leave Blissey or Chansey fainted to prevent the game from adding them to the Raid Team.

Legendary Raid Egg

Meanwhile, a Legendary Raid Egg has been spotted in a Gym at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco a few days ago. The egg is seen alongside a countdown timer that indicates the time the egg will be hatched. It later hatched and revealed the Legendary Beast Raikou. According to several fans, the game developer might be currently testing the functionality of the Legendary Raid Eggs.

Players are expecting that this will soon be released in the popular augmented reality game.

The appearance of the Legendary Raid Egg also sparked speculations that “Pokemon Go” is bringing back the eggs in the Raids. The eggs were removed in the raids during the anniversary event.