Pokemon Go” started sending EX Raid Pass to several players across the globe. The brand new type of Raid Battle is being tested right now to further improve its functionality and get feedback from players. This raid is specifically designed to acquire Mewtwo.

Recently, Niantic Labs released Legendary creatures in the game. The mythical birds started appearing in the game during Chicago Fest. Players actively participated in Raids, fighting against Articuno, Lugia, Molters, and Zapdos. With their exit on August 31, the developer introduced the Legendary Beasts -- Raikou, Suicune, and Entei.

Now that the imminent release of Mewtwo is fast approaching, EX Raid Battle is being tested out. To participate in the test, players should get an EX Raid Pass. Here is a rundown of the things that you should know about this pass

Special Pass

The EX Raid Pass is a special variant of a pass needed to be able to participate in the EX Raid Battles. This pass is a reward for participating in the raids in the player’s particular local area three to seven weeks ago. This special type of Raid Pass can be automatically obtained in normal game play. If the Exclusive Raid Battle becomes available in a particular area, an in-game notification will appear. It will contain an announcement that the player is invited to the special Raid.

Players can expect this notification to appear 24 hours prior to the start of the raid.

Requirements and other details

According to “Pokemon GOHub, so far, there is only one confirmed requirement to be a qualified recipient of the EX Raid Pass. Players just need to have previously participated in at least one successful Raid at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle is happening.

To be entitled to the pass, a player must have an increased raw number of Gyms where the player raids. Debunking previous speculations, there is no Gym Badge requirement to qualify for the special pass variant. The pass is valid until used or until the raid ends.

Raikou bug

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs has already fixed the “Pokemon Go” side server that rolled out a fix to Raikou Bug.

The latest bug has been the subject of most complaints reported by players. The bug locks the player out from participating in the Legendary Raid Battles. According to Niantic Support member NianticGeorge, the latest fix should resolve the issue and players can now participate in the Legendary raids without getting blocked.