Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment and SIE Santa Monica Studios have launched an official podcast for the upcoming PS4 exclusive title “God Of War.” The developers also talked more about their latest gaming title, which is still in development. This week, the game publisher and developer have released new details to challenge fans to translate the small sentence in the runic alphabet that is used in the upcoming PS4 exclusive title.

According to DualShockers, the game developer has teased new images of the mysterious artwork Midgard ruins.

The website said that the developer wants to challenge fans to translate the words in the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, which is used in the upcoming “God of War” PS4 game.

The Ancient Ruin

This week, SIE Santa Monica has posted images on its official Twitter account, showing the Midgard Ruins with the ancient Elder Futhark runic alphabet. The developer also posted some messages, challenging fans to solve the final riddle of the mysterious runes and decipher the ancient alphabet to reveal lost pages.

As mentioned earlier by DualShockers, the artwork was revealed as part of 'The Lost Pages' on the game’s official site. The first image in the Elder Futhark has a sign marked “Framar,” which means “Ahead” in the Old Norse.

More details about the upcoming game

Recently, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer SIE Santa Monica have released an official podcast for the upcoming PS4 exclusive title. The podcast features Creative Director Cory Barlog and Story Lead Matt Sophos. The two talked more about their upcoming title, which is currently in development.

Directory Barlog discussed more about the upcoming game during a recent podcast, providing details about magic and runes.

According to the NeoGAF user GIANKRATOS, magic will be featured in the upcoming game. The NeoGAF user has highlighted some of the most interesting details that Barlog revealed in the recent podcast. The NeoGAF user also said that Atreus will be capable of translating runes inside the upcoming game.

This allows Atreus to call for help during battles.

Fans should expect more about Kratos and Atreus in the coming days.

About God of War

For starters, “God of War” is an action-adventure hack and slash game series based on Greek mythology. First released in 2005, the game has quickly become a flagship title for Sony’s PlayStation brand, featuring seven games across multiple platforms.

Game developer SIE Santa Monica is currently working on the eighth installment of the game series. The upcoming PS4-exclusive “God of War” is a soft reboot. The game will be completely based on Norse mythology and will be centered on its playable character Kratos and Atreus. The PS4-exclusive game will launch early next year.