'Destiny 2's" first ever Faction Rally is currently on a roll as Guardians are grinding it out in the game to rake in those faction tokens. That being said, Bungie has just released a blog post about the current lowdown of the event, including some hints about upcoming weapons within the game.

The Faction Rally event is almost halfway through as three factions are slugging it out to see who gets the most stash after the event. However, no one knows what faction is in the lead and Bungie is tight-lipped about it. The developer announced earlier on that they'll be announcing the winning faction on Tuesday, October 3, right after the scheduled downtime is lifted on the same date.

MIDA's domination

The blog post also took notice of the gameplay data that Bungie obtained and they hinted about some upcoming tweaks. The MIDA Multi-Tool was also brought to light, as it is the widely used weapon in the game, especially in Trials of the Nine as it racked up an impressive 35 percent of all Trial kills.

Nerf hints

Long-time players of "Destiny" are very well acquainted with Bungie's penchant for nerfing weapons that are performing well in the game. In line with this, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski stated in the blog post that they are aware of Mida's popularity within the game, adding that they are closely monitoring it.

He even highlighted that albeit its current "rockstar status," there are still other weapons out there that can match or even exceed MIDA's efficiency in all of the game's activities. Weisnewski also hinted that there's still a handful of weapons that are yet to be released, before thanking their player base for the continuing support.

Hotfix heads up

There will be a scheduled maintenance break on October 3 to deploy some workarounds with the current bugs that are being experienced by players. Some of the issues that got fixed include accessibility issues with the Veteran's Transmat Effect, clan engrams for Trials of the Nine and raid reward bugs, So too was the issue of raid milestones not popping up.

A fix will also be deployed to a bug where players are stuck in a state of being killed off or unable to resurrect, whenever complete and fail events happen concurrently.

Hotfix will go live at 8 AM PDT. Players will then be removed from all of the game's activities by 9 PM PDT and the fix is expected to be completed at 12 PM PDT. In the meantime, check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: