Niantic Labs announced the arrival of the Legendary Beasts in “Pokemon Go.” Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are now live in the popular augmented reality game. Players across the globe will now have the chance to add to their collection these Travelling Legendaries. Interestingly, the game developer has recently made several changes with the new Legendary creatures.

Base Capture Rate

Niantic Labs has set the Base Capture Rate of the traveling Legendary Beasts similar to the Mythical Birds. Lugia. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei now have a Base Capture Rate of 2 percent.

Thanks to “Pokemon Go” Hub, players can now see the percentage of catching these new Legendaries in the game with the new Raid Guide they have released. The guide is now updated and can also be used by players to determine the throws and the Berry modifiers they need to catch these Legendary Beasts.

Suicune’s new moves

Aside from the Base Capture Rate, the developer also made several changes to Suicune’s moves prior to its release. Among these is its Snarl move, which is no longer available as the creature’s Quick Move. Instead, Niantic Labs added Hidden Power as one of its Quick Moves. While this is a minor buff, it might pave a way to a double Suicune move set. This will most likely benefit from STAB for both Charge and Quick move of the creature.

The game now also downloads all the icons of the Legendary Beasts, including the shiny variants. So far, it is not clear why the Shiny forms are downloaded. However, players should not expect that this variant will be available just yet.

Schedule and region assignments

“PG” Hub also released a new map that shows the regions where Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are available starting August 31 to September 30.

To honor the creatures’ first appearances in the franchise, Niantic Labs intended the Legendary Beasts to be region-exclusive but rotational. This means that each pocket monster will be assigned to specific regions for a month. The Beasts will then be rotated to other regions so players all over the world will also have the chance to catch all the traveling Legendaries.

Starting August 31 until September 30, Raikou is available to Asia and Australia. On the other hand, players in Africa and Europe can catch Entei during the same period. Suicune, in this particular period, is available in North and South America. Niantic Labs recently changed the name of the brand new type of raid in “Pokemon Go.” Exclusive Raid Battles will now be called EX Raid Battles. The developer will subject the new raid to further testing and will invite selected players.