The bug causing frustration among “Pokemon Go” players participating in Legendary Raids is now fixed. The popular augmented reality game has been dealing with a lot of issues. Most of the time, these issues appear after an update has been rolled out.

The arrival of the Legendary Beasts in the game has brought along additional excitement to the players. Niantic Labs appears to be strategically releasing Legendaries in batches to keep players immersed in the game and to keep the momentum. However, with issues like this, players get disappointed. Fortunately, the developer was quick to resolve the issue.

Bug crushed

On Reddit, a member of the Niantic Support shared the good news to the “Pokemon Go” community.

According to NianticGeorge, the team has already rolled out a server side fix to address the latest issue. This should fix the bug and players will no longer be barred from joining Raikou, Suicune, and Entei Raids. The latest information about the frustrating bug is great news to all players. With Mewtwo EX Raids launching soon in the game, players would be totally devastated to get an invitation and get locked out because the image asset would not load.

Image assets not loading

The problem surfaced after Niantic Labs rolled out its most recent update. The update brought along a slew of issues involving image assets not loading properly.

In effect, it triggers the goofy visual bugs to plague the game, which includes making players appear invisible in the game’s overworld map. Aside from this, several players have noticed that some images in the Pokedex are not properly loading.

While the bug appears to be harmless, the goofy visuals have a game-breaking effect.

Players who are into Legendary Raids have noticed that they are blocked from participating in the raids where Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are the raid bosses. The locking out takes place when the game fails to load the 3D assets of the Legendary Beasts. Apparently, when the player tries to join the raid, the game lapses out, and they soon get blocked and could not participate in the raid.

Several players attempted to restart the app but nothing happened. Players are hoping that with the new fix, they will not encounter the same frustrating and game-breaking bug in “Pokemon Go” again. Noticeably, the game developer has been quick to address the issues in the game recently. The Last Ball Glitch, which has been a major problem in the raids has been recently fixed too.