Square Enix has already launched unusual downloadable contents (DLC) to its “Final Fantasy XV.” The Assassin's Festival event appears to be on top of all the DLCs. However, FFXV enthusiasts might be filled with more bizarre DLC in the future.

In an interview with “Final Fantasy XV” director Hajime Tabata with DualShockers, the publication site asked the game director if the company will still launch a DLC similar to the Assassin's Creed-themed free DLC. The game director stated that the company is not working on a DLC similar to Assassin's Creed DLC at the moment.

Interestingly, Tabata did not eliminate the possibility of featuring more unusual DLCs in the future

The “Final Fantasy XV” director stated that if another opportunity similar to the Assassin's Festival pops up, then it may be something that the video game company can spend more time into. It is worth noting that while Tabata did not mention any requirements similar to the festival mentioned above to be recreated, the game director did claim that Square Enix and Ubisoft worked so hard to make the “Final Fantasy 15: Assassin's Festival” possible.

Tabata’s statement could indicate that Square Enix is still open to the idea of collaborating with other game developers to launch another crossover event.

FFXV PC version will have a stunning 8K resolution

Meanwhile, a new PC version of Square Enix’s open world action role-playing video game will roll out in early 2018, Siliconera reported. The “Final Fantasy XV” developer and Nvidia claimed that the game’s PC version would feature more effects and more pixels. During the Gamescom, the companies made it known that the PC version will come along with a resolution up to 4K.

According to Windows Report, Tabata stated that the graphics card manufacturer assists game developers to generate the video game’s stunning visual experience for PCs. Tabata also said that with Nvidia pushing the level of innovation in the gaming world, this would definitely benefit both game enthusiasts and game developers at the same time.

PC Version with extra visual features

However, the PC version of “Final Fantasy 15” provides inbuilt support for enhanced contrast and color ranges, which will utilize Dolby Atmos sound and HDR10 technology. Director Tabata claimed that the PC version would come along several extra visual features. Nevertheless, Square Enix has yet to announce the specific release date of the PC version.