The popularity of Nintendo Switch continues to bloom. Tons of gamers from around the world have embraced the Joy-Con, helping the company on its sales goals. Besides, ever since the platform was first announced, many have already expected its prominent success in the market.

Interestingly, the very own CEO of Pokemon Company thought otherwise. According to Polygon, the executive believed that Nintendo Switch would not be a huge hit. But, of course, all people know how successful the Joy-Con actually is.

Is the console really that popular?

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pokemon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that he initially doubted the platform’s marketability.

For him, it would not achieve the kind of success it has now. Regardless, it cannot be denied that the Joy-Con has influenced millions of players from around the globe. In fact, in Japan, it continues to be the top-selling gaming hardware. It seems the Switch will continue to break records after records. But seriously, though, why is this console quite popular? What makes it unique compared to its competitor?

Polygon further notes that the success of Nintendo Switch can be credited to the kind of games playable on it. Take for instance “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” At first, many were skeptical about the game. They thought it would not be a popular game despite being a massive franchise.

Fast forward today, the title has outsold its current installed base. This is definitely a phenomenal feat to achieve considering the tough competition in the scene.

Nintendo has always been successful

It cannot be denied, too, that almost any hardware Nintendo releases becomes popular. During the heyday of the Wii U console, it managed to acquire a compelling sales growth just weeks after its initial launching.

Ishihara even commends the robustness of the hardware and the marketing Nintendo did to it. For him, one way to achieving success in selling titles is through a working software. Think about the possibility of the Wii U console reaching interesting milestones had the “Legend of Zelda” title arrived on it.

In fact, the popularity of Nintendo Switch further improved when the company decided to introduce “Super Mario Odyssey.” The latter, for fans who had no idea at all, became a fan favorite at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Ishihara revealed that they would soon introduce a Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch. He also revealed about their plans to introduce more features in “Pokemon GO.” The features in question are trading and peer-to-peer battles.