The Week 16 update for "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" will arrive today and it will bring some client performance enhancements as well as several bug fixes. The game developer has also hinted that the coveted FOV Slider feature will arrive in the next set of monthly updates this July.

UI optimization and bug fixes

The Early Access Update for Week 16 promises to bring improvements on client's user interface (UI) performance and Optimized Care Package airplane. Several bug fixes that will arrive with the update include addressing the issue where players cannot fire their weapons inside a vehicle when they are underwater.

The new update aims to also crash the bugs where players cannot throw grenades periodically and pick up magazines from several areas in the starting island's lobby. It will tweak the issue found in fixed inventory when in 4:3 resolution and where the starting airplane cannot move in the sky from the beginning of a round.

With the latest update, players can now watch their teammate's screens in color always. The bug in scope will be fixed, too, specifically when players are knocked out when zooming their scope and unable to zoom it again when revived.

It will also address the issue on an armed weapon that does not appear on head-up display and user interface. This usually happens when a player gets some weapons using the number keys while the inventory is open.

Lastly, Week 16 update will make it easier for players to pass through the doors that were destroyed by grenades or Red Zone bombs. They no longer need to press the F key to do that.

FOV Slider in next update

One of the highly anticipated features in the monthly update for "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" is the Field of View (FOV) slider camera view.

Snookie, a member of the development team, excitedly revealed an update on this upcoming feature on Twitter. It appears that it is now complete and will be implemented in one of the patches slated for release this July.

A dedicated first-person mode for the game might not arrive soon since Brendan Greene is prioritizing the optimization work for now.

Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, said that he sees the importance of dedicated first-person servers but he explained that it will require an ample amount of time since this feature demands tons of hard work.

"Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" is currently available on PC via Early Access on Steam. The game will also launch on Xbox One by the end of 2017 and PS4 at a later date.