“PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” is getting a first-person only mode in its next monthly Update while UI optimization and bug fixes are available now via Week 16 update.

The addition of this exciting new mode was announced on Twitter. It will be added in Europe and North America to solo and duo games while it is also set to expand later in other regions after the developer polishes the system.

As of now, the game features the more popular third-person competitive shooter in which players can get a 360-degree view. But the new feature will make this video game even more enthralling to fans.

Once the first-person only mode arrives in the game, players will have to be more careful and think of better strategies. It is also expected to attract more of the hardcore gamers in the community as the game becomes more intense because of the limited area of vision.

Field of vision slider

Another new feature that is coming in the monthly update for “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” is the Field Of Vision or FOV slider, which is deemed as an interesting aspect in a first-person shooter.

The FOV slider will increase or decrease the viewing angle in front of the players as the first-person shooter. With the FOV slider, the player can see a wider angle in a straight line of sight without the need to move.

UI optimization and bug fixes in Week 16 update

The Week 16 Early Access update went live last week and brought in well-needed improvements on client’s UI performance, Optimized Care Package airplane, and several bug fixes.

The latest update aims to crash and fix the bug where players could not fire their weapons when they are inside a vehicle and at the same time, underwater.

It also addresses the issues reported by players where, sometimes, they could not throw grenades and pick up magazines from some areas in the starting island’s lobby.

The other set of bugs tweaked by the Week 16 update is when the airplane is unable to move in the sky from the start of a round and when players get knocked out when zooming their scope and they are unable to zoom it again when they are revived.

The update also introduced another important fix - the removal of a keypress when the players pass through the doors that were wrecked by grenades or Red Zone bombs. This time, players do not need to press the F key anymore.

“Player Unknown's Battlegrounds” is currently available via Early Access on Windows PC. It will also launch on Xbox One later in 2017 and PS4 at a much later date.