"Destiny 2" seems to be off to a smooth start as there have been few reports of game-breaking problems that have affected gameplay. Since the raid and Trials of the Nine have not yet made their debut, players continue to work their Guardian’s power level in order to get ready for these game modes. There are others who have gone on quests to retrieve exotic gear to help prepare for the endgame PVP and PVE elements. However, some players recently contacted Bungie to highlight some problems with last week’s Nightfall Strike.

‘Destiny 2’s’ first Nightfall Strike

Last week, “Destiny 2” officially opened their servers for players across the globe. The sci-fi shooter also received praises from critics for the improvements Bungie has done for the sequel. Hardcore fans have quickly breezed through the Red War story campaign and started to grind their Guardians’ power level. During some point in the game, players will be asked to take on the weekly Nightfall Strike, which was designated to be “The Arms Dealer” until the next weekly reset. Players were apparently encouraged by the game’s “Milestones” system or probably prompted by a certain Exotic weapon quest.

Problems reported by players

While several players and notable YouTube personalities have tackled the Nightfall Strike without any issues, there were also reports posted on social media about the supposedly “broken” challenge.

The weekly challenge tasked Guardians to complete the mission with the Prism modifier, which relies on the game’s elemental system to enhance damage based on the active element type. However, the complaints claim that the game poorly handled the on-screen text-based alert system. Apparently, the message did not stay long enough for players to notice the elemental switch.

Therefore, they asked the developer to tweak the system and display a persistent active Prism damage type icon instead.

Bungie acknowledges the issue

It appears that their reports have reached Bungie, as the developer posted a message on their official forums to confirm the problem. They wrote, “we are actively investigating an issue impacting the Nightfall Prism modifier where the currently featured element is not persisting on screen as is intended.” They also notified players that this week’s Nightfall Strike was originally going to feature the “Momentum” modifier.

However, the modifier reportedly suffers from a “severe issue.” Therefore, Prism will make another appearance this week. “Destiny 2” fans would be glad to know that the developer has promised a hotfix soon.