Before its release, gamers and critics alike appeared to speculate that Bungie’s sci-fi shooter sequel will do great during its release. Now that the game has been in the hands of players and reviewers, it seems that their expectations were on point as “Destiny 2” reached 1.2 million concurrent players online. That is an impressive number for a recently launched game. Most official reviews are still in progress, but the pending scores did not appear to diminish the interest that has been generated.

‘Destiny 2’ official sales numbers

The game’s publisher, Activision, has not yet shared the official sales number for the team-based FPS.

However, the recently revealed data regarding the number of concurrent online users should speak for itself. This information was generated even before other game modes like the raid and Trials of the Nine were released. The features mentioned above are expected to go live sometime this week, and so are most of the game reviews. Given the remarkable number of players registered online, Bungie should be presumably delighted with “Destiny 2’s” performance.

‘Destiny’ and ‘The Taken King’

The last time Bungie flaunted the number of concurrent users was during the start of the second year for “Destiny.” It was the time when “The Taken King” expansion DLC was released for the shooter. The developer did not release any numbers during this period but was apparently pleased with the sales numbers.

Meanwhile, the Activision previously confirmed that the first game made USD 500 million when it launched back in September 2014.

A great launch week with small hiccups

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions launched a few days ago and appeared to have gone smoothly. Although there were some reports of players having a difficult time logging in on day one, it was somehow expected due to a large number of users trying to access the servers.

Some minor glitches were also discovered and reported by gamers, which will be most likely addressed in the coming weeks via an update patch. The PC version has yet to launch later next month and is projected to be the best version of the shooter given its unlocked frame rate and more.

More content on the way

“Destiny 2” will feature some in-game events this month as added content makes it way to the shooter.

Fans can expect the launch of the raid on September 13 and Trials of the Nine on September 15. Furthermore, Bungie also announced that the “Faction Rally” game mode would be ready before the month ends.