Destiny 2 has been out for almost a week and dedicated players have most likely breezed through the story campaign. It might seem like a short campaign for those who just fancy the lore’s progression, but the sci-fi shooter reportedly offers more than its predecessor. By now, those who have completed the Red War story mode have already reached level 20. Hardcore fans of the team-based shooter already know that the grind immediately begins to get ready for the other game modes. This guide aims to inform new players how they can proceed after the credits have rolled.

Milestones in ‘Destiny 2’

Most likely when the game started after the “Homecoming” mission, players would have noticed an in-game element called Milestones. “Destiny 2” players can access this by holding L2 while on the map screen. The instructions are pretty much straightforward and reward players with loot like engrams and experience points. We suggest that players do not claim the rewards indicated as “powerful gear” until much later. The ideal power level for your Guardians should be at 265 which should cause those items to drop at a higher number.

Ranking up the vendors

Players can also do several activities like Patrols or Adventures, which rewards them with tokens that can be redeemed from certain NPCs.

Once the Guardian’s reputation goes up beyond their requirement, a legendary engram will be rewarded. Same as the above-mentioned tip, it is better to redeem these items when players reach power level 260.

Patrols, Adventures, Lost Sectors, and public events

To quickly reach the soft-level cap, gamers can just patrol different planets with their fireteam.

Sometimes “Destiny 2” will prompt users that a public event is nearby or has started. These events should be prioritized since they give out a lot of XP. If possible, try to trigger the heroic mode for these timed events to reap even more rewards. Meanwhile, you can also trigger Adventures and discover Lost Sectors, which also give out XP and loot.

Strikes, Crucible, Meditations

Other activities that can help players level up are Strikes, Meditations, and the Crucible, The first two are PVE game modes that players can do solo or with a fireteam and provides XP and items that can boost your power level. For competitive gamers, you can test your skill against other Guardians in the Crucible, which is a PVP game mode that also gives out gear and experience points.

Collecting Bright Engrams

A new feature included in “Destiny 2” allows users to farm Bright Engrams. Once Guardians reach the level 20, each time they level up afterward earns them a Bright Engram. These items cannot be decoded by Cryptarchs but can be brought to Tess Everis of Eververse.

She can decode these into different loot like shaders, vehicles, ships, and emotes.

Trials of the Nine and the raid

These two activities are the top-level goals for all “Destiny” players. Trials of the Nine is the most competitive PVP game mode, which unlike the crucible, takes the players’ power level into account during a match. Those who are successful can earn exclusive gear, which can never be earned in any other game mode. This activity is scheduled to be released on September 15, 2017.

Raids, on the other hand, are PVE activities that require a fireteam of six Guardians. These often require clear communication and teamwork in order for your team to succeed. Fans of the team-based FPS all agree that raids are the best experience any player can have with the game.

Similar to the Trials of the Nine, the activity rewards players with unique gear that can only be earned upon completion of the raid itself. “Destiny 2” will debut the “Leviathan” raid on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.