The first week has ended for “Destiny 2” players, and as expected, servers have shut down for this week’s maintenance to prepare for some of the incoming game modes. However, the player community seems to be on their toes and hints of anxiety have flooded public forums. Despite the positive outlook given to the game by veteran players and critics, some players appear to speculate that Bungie will eventually nerf Public Events. While the sci-fi shooter features game modes that provide adequate rewards for player progression, some gamers complained about how Strikes and the Crucible gratify players.

‘Destiny 2’ Public Events loot

According to Game Rant, players have posted on the “Destiny 2” subreddit to speculate about Bungie’s supposedly inevitable plan to nerf the Public Events. It seems that some players have complained about the reward system applied for Crucible matches and Strikes. Based on their feedback, they felt that these game modes are too long-drawn and don’t even provide commensurate rewards for their efforts. Many players fear that the developer might take the feedback negatively and attempt to balance out gameplay. As of now, most users prefer to patrol around the game and look for these randomly-generated missions, which can be bumped up in difficulty when the heroic mode is triggered.

The harder challenges reward better loot and a significant XP boost for Guardians.

Time and effort apparently not worth it

Most of the guides available on the web and YouTube appear to agree on one thing. Players who want to reap the most rewards in a short span of time are advised to focus on Public Events. Understandably, the developer would want everyone to explore and enjoy other game modes, but as it currently stands, gamers would prefer to take the quicker route to power level their Guardians.

Strikes and the Crucible used to be the best avenue for people to earn powerful gear in the first game. However, farming tokens and engrams are now made easier and faster via Public Events. Additionally, more players can participate in the game mode mentioned above compared to the other two.

Learning from their mistakes

It is clear that Bungie has learned from its mistakes as “Destiny 2” seems to have addressed almost all of the missing elements of its predecessor.

The game has even recently boasted over 1.2 million concurrent users online. Improvements to its story elements and other gameplay enhancements have earned it praises from fans and newcomers alike. The developer seems to have purposely tweaked Public Events to function the way it is now. They intend to presumably encourage a large bunch of Guardians to help each other out and earn loot at the same time. Therefore, a nerf is not likely to happen until it needs to.