Doomfist is the most hyped hero of “Overwatch.” Long before he was released in Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title, fans have been speculating about his abilities. He also has an interesting backstory that traces its link to the terror group, Talon. With the new hero, the in-game meta has been altered, making it more interesting to the players.

However, fans are now starting to speculate about the next Hero who will soon be unveiled in the game following Doomfist. With the new Escort Map Junkertown and the new comic Wasted Land, it appears that fans are rooting for an Australian junker to be the next game hero.

Jeff Kaplan, vice president of Blizzard Entertainment, recently shared some details about the new character.

Latest hints

In an interview with IGN, Jeff Kaplan revealed several details about the next “Overwatch” hero and concealed its identity by using the code name Hero 26. According to the game director, the next character is already in the development and is currently very much playable. However, he said that it will not be coming out soon.

Kaplan added that the next character that will be introduced in the game is fun and amazing to play with.

The game director said that he does not believe that there is such thing as too many new characters. He disclosed that Blizzard will release heroes in its popular first-person shooter game at a good pace.

Junk Queen

One of the names that surfaced during the recent discussion in the community about the next character is the Junk Queen. The character is just a voice heard in the background in the walkthrough of the latest Escort Map—Junkertown.

Despite being just a voice, fans are speculating that the Junk Queen could be the next hero. There are even several players that have produced images of the Queen with the concept born out of their imagination.

Most likely, the hype is just a byproduct of the new map and the latest Comic issue that centers on Junkrat and Roadhog. If we base the next hero on the pattern used by Blizzard in the past, most of the time, then it might bring disappointment to many expectant fans.

One example is Orisa. Just when everybody was rooting it was Efi Oladele, Blizzard introduced Orisa. The same thing could happen to the next character. For now, it is too early to come to any conclusion as Kaplan said that it will not be released soon.

Meanwhile, fans can check out the latest walkthrough of the new Escort Map in “Overwatch” called Junkertown.


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