Overwatch” hero Ana is one of the most controversial heroes in the game. Back when she was still new, many believed that the Egyptian sniper was a useless hero. Blizzard decided to give her a few buffs which eventually made her overpowered. Ana was one of the driving forces behind the triple tank meta as her Biotic Grenade had too much healing output. Now, however, she is one of the least played Support heroes because of her nerfs. That said, here are some changes Blizzard can do to help improve the “Overwatch” hero’s pick rate.

Healing through barriers

Barriers have become a popular defensive technique in the game since the Orisa and Winston buff. It becomes hectic when there are multiple barriers around the field, making it difficult to land a hit. In Ana’s case, she can’t heal through enemy barriers. If her ally goes through a Winston or Orisa barrier, Ana cannot heal them. That said, a Redditor mentioned giving her some piercing shots that allow her to heal through barriers. That way, she’ll still have the same healing output while still allowing her to heal the team.

Fast sleep dart

The sleep dart is one of the most powerful abilities in “Overwatch.” The skill knocks the target out for five seconds, or until they get hit by an enemy.

The only problem with the Sleep Dart is that it’s a slow projectile and a bit difficult to land. While the skill shouldn’t be a hitscan bullet, another Redditor suggested that Blizzard should at least improve the speed a bit. This will make it a bit easier to land shots against faster characters, like Genji or Tracer. Ana will also be able to land more ultimate shutdowns against characters like McCree and Pharah.


Ana’s Biotic Grenade has a useful skill that denies healing for a few seconds. Once a target is affected, your team can easily swoop in and finish them off. However, Mercy can now bring back a fallen ally easily, making it somewhat of a hard counter against the grenade. Perhaps Blizzard should add an anti-resurrect debuff to targets who died via the grenade.

That way, Mercy players won’t be able to revive as many characters as they normally can.

Nano-boosted speed

Initially, Ana’s Nano-boost could speed up the affected target. This made Reinhardt the best target for her ultimate ability, but Blizzard decided to remove that certain buff. While the Nano-boost is still powerful, it’s a bit lackluster compared to its original effects. Adding a slight speed boost back to her ultimate ability should make the Nano-boost slightly more powerful while remaining balanced.